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Priscilla Mora Flores

Social Documentary Photographer - Costa Rica



Exam project: Young Kinship 

Photographer Priscilla Mora has been covering assignments for the biggest printed media in her native country, Costa Rica, for 10 years.
In order to find new paths to plan, pitch, fund, realize, edit and publish her work, she needed new tools and inspiration.
See what opportunities she gained from the international diploma course ‘Documentary Photography Project’. And also take a look at her stunning final project about early, unplanned motherhood.

What in particular caught your attention and interest about this course??

I was interested in this particular course because I was searching for an educational opportunity to learn how documentary photographers get to plan, pitch, fund, realize, edit and publish their work. In my region there is a lack of educational opportunities in the whole production of a documentary project. The program of the Danish School of Media and Journalism, with the experience of the Noor Agency photographers’ teaching really caught my attention.

Which new skills and ideas/mindset did you take away from the course?

From the course I took the importance of the angle you give to your story and if it’s current affairs or (topical) that will help your pitch and funding. The constructive criticism from the tutors and colleagues was very helpful.

Learning through the experience of two documentary photographers of how they write project proposals, produce, execute and publish their work gave me a clearer idea.

I liked the emphasis Alixandra Fazzina placed on ethics on photography with regard to the subjects we may photograph. I am applying the archive guidelines Pierre shared with us.

Which new opportunities do you see after the course – business wise or innovative potential?

I’ve been able to pitch ongoing projects, and to apply a better workflow in our social documentary collective, Colectivo Nómada, in order to grow work and assignments.

What is your final project about? Why did you choose that topic/story? And how did you use your new tools to make the project?

My final project for this course is about teenage motherhood in my country, Costa Rica, in Central America.  I chose this topic because I wanted to bring attention to this public health issue that’s been disregarded by the population.  I also wanted to bring attention to one side of many angles of women’s sexual and reproductive rights.


For developing this project, the tools that helped me to gain access to this subject were the written proposals to organizations explaining the project, as well as the research.  The main tool for me was Alixandra’s personal mentorships.


How would you recommend the course to colleagues?

It is an important economic investment, I know, for my region and many others, but if you have one way or another the economic possibility to take this course, I would recommend it. Depending on the time and commitment you put into the course, it will pay back in the same level.


I found this type of course more structured than a regular photographer workshop. It helped me build a project from zero in a more structured way, which I needed to learn.

A brief description of the project + link

"14 000 young girls and teenagers start an early motherhood with unplanned pregnancies in Costa Rica every year. 70% of these cases are located in the rural and remote areas of the country.  After being commissioned by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in 2016 to portray 1 day in the life of teenage mothers, I aimed to raise awareness about young girls’ sexual education rights and pregnancy prevention methods. 

Teenage pregnancy trap girls in a cycle of poverty. It puts them at greater risk of domestic and sexual violence. When a girl under 18 is facing having a baby, she is facing important health risks including death, and she faces disadvantages in education, economic inequity and gender equality. Through a in depth photographic reportage, I wish to sensitise our society, to feel the call to protect, educate and empower our girls on life decisions and choices before they reach puberty. 

Look at the project in progress here:

or se full exam project here:

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